About Cedartribe foundation

Our goal is to improve the socio-economic status of every family by empowering its adolescents and youths with Education-in all its forms.

We do this by organizing:
1)Enlightenment conferences on personal awareness, purpose and mental health to make them more emotionally resilient individuals.

2)Partnerships for social change by linking NGOs and Volunteers to education initiatives and Sponsors that improve the quality and equity of Education.

3)Skill acquisition boot camps to boost adolescents and youth earning capabilities and

4)Workshops addressing social issues and problems.

We believe that one day, every disadvantaged african child would have equal access to opportunities and resources that enable them to thrive and compete with the rest of the world and your partnership is a step in that direction

Here are some comments from our Ce-tribers:


Invest your time & skills with those that need it the most


Invest your resources to create a resounding legacy

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Get exclusive access to sponsors & volunteers


Invest your resources to make a difference

Not sure where you belong? You can submit a request and we'd get back to you with suitable opportunities.